Callum Tinson
Design Engineer: part of HX4 team

Callum joined our apprenticeship scheme in 2016. He was awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2020 and also completed his four-year course. Now he works in the team creating heat exchangers that cool rocket engines so they can travel at Mach 5. It’s been quite a journey so far.

Callum loves the innovation in the company and flexible apprenticeship route that allowed him to try out different areas of engineering. The people he works with inspire him to solve problems and explore his creative ideas. Now he’s part of the HX4 team working on genuinely cutting-edge technology to be used as part of the SABRE engine cooling system. This means designing and developing a cost-effective, leak-tight, flat-plate heat exchanger. At every turn aiming to increase efficiency and reduce weight and size.

It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s gone through many design and manufacture iterations. Throughout this Callum gets great joy from seeing parts or assemblies he’s designed being manufactured and used within the company.

From creating 3D models ready for manufacture and assembly, liaising with suppliers and manufacturers, sorting out bills of materials and lead times to helping with scheduling and costs, rapid prototyping, reviewing progress, and logging which pre-production modules worked well and which didn’t, Callum’s work covers a huge area.

Callum Tinson, Design Engineer, smiling for photo