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cooling solutions

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on the track, and on the road

Proven at the pinnacle of motorsport, our innovative thermal management solutions help unlock the full potential of motorsport. Our pioneering cooling technology can be applied to practically any thermal management challenge, from high-end racing systems, to hydrogen fuel cell systems to off-highway vehicles. Reaction Engines’ heat transfer technologies are already revolutionising the motorsport industry, leading to higher performance at reduced mass and drag, and ultimately, faster lap times.

Revolutionising the world of motorsport

Our award-winning technology is tailor-made for motorsport. Here are four ways cars can benefit. 


Because our cooling units are smaller, they enable you to design your car with less compromise and improve aerodynamic efficiency. 


Mass savings directly translate to lap time reduction, as well as allowing more flexibility in positioning the systems on the car. 

Less drag

Pressure drop and cooling air mass flow reductions both contribute to less drag on the car.


Our customers can trade the improved performance of our products to enable fuel and carbon emissions reduction. More efficient heat rejection is also a key enabler for more electric and hydrogen powered motorsport.

Delivering a step-change in thermal management solutions

Intercooler and radiator

EV battery cooling

We can provide active or passive solutions that are highly effective and lightweight, ideal for the specific thermal management challenges associated with battery packs and electric architectures.


Case study

Viritech: zero-carbon tailpipe emissions

For powertrain pioneers Viritech, our thermal management technology will help to enable the development of more efficient hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

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