Radiators. Ram-air cooling for aerospace and motorsport

Our low-drag advanced radiators reject high amounts of heat with minimal cooling air pressure drop. Perfect for ram-air cooling in automotive and zero-carbon emission aerospace.

Exceptional heat management with minimal drag

Multifluid radiators
for multiple powertrains

Our lightweight, high performance, multifluid radiators are ideal for side pod installations on ICE and fuel cell powertrains. 


Mass:2,120 g
Wet Mass:2,950 g
Core Volume:Ø235 x 280 mm
Heat Rejection Rate:79.5 kW
Cooling Air Pressure Drop:2.7 mbar
Cooling Air Mass Flow Rate:1.0 kg/s

Multiple fluids cooled in one core.

Reduced frontal area for less drag.

Drum-style architecture prevents debris ingestion.

Lower mass, minimal drag.

Our advanced radiators can be used to improve powertrains in both ICE and fuel cell powertrains – not to mention emerging aerospace applications.

Compact & lightweight

Reduction of frontal area – low drag

Multiple fluids cooled in common core

Enables zero emissions powertrains

Drum style architecture protects from debris ingestion

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