Making heavy industry
cooler and cleaner

Reducing carbon impact by improving thermal efficiency

Our thermal management technologies can reduce carbon impact by improving thermal efficiency across a wide range of power generation and industrial applications. They also enable carbon capture and can turn waste heat into energy, which in turn can cut operating costs.

Efficient and effective waste heat recovery

Our heat exchangers are compact, light and easy to retrofit. Our systems can be optimised to recover more heat for unrivalled system efficiencies. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce carbon impact by improving efficiency, while also enabling carbon capture, helping you meet net zero targets. 

Cut operating costs

Effectiveness (heat captured) can be optimised to recover more heat for increased system efficiency, reducing operational and total life costs. 

Save valuable space

Our heat exchanger geometries result in significantly more compact, lighter units, making it possible to capture heat from otherwise wasted streams.

Integrate with existing systems

Our spiral geometry heat exchangers are easy to retrofit into existing systems where heat recovery has been previously considered impractical. 

Capture more waste heat than before

Reaction Engines’ 10MW waste heat recovery unit

Nammo Westcott: exhaust plume cooling

In regular use for over a year at the UK National Space Propulsion Test Facility, our cooling technology brings rocket exhaust gas temperatures down from over 2,000°C to less than 50°C. 

Case study

Brunel University: pioneering a new approach

See how we helped Brunel University harness the power of waste heat.

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