Waste heat recovery. Reducing carbon footprint

Our waste heat recovery units are significantly more compact and offer increased efficiency reducing operating costs.

Waste heat recovery to drive down carbon emissions

Gas Turbine Heat Exchanger with reflection

Reaction Engines’ spiral heat exchanger recovering waste heat from a gas turbine

Effective waste heat recovery

Our waste heat recovery technology is designed for low pressure drops across multiple media applications including steam and Supercritical CO2 – enabling retrofit and higher system efficiencies.


Thermal effectiveness

Heat removal500kW – 20MW
Pressure drop capability<1000 Pa
Design pressure:up to 200 bar (tube side)
Temperature: up to 650 ºC
Design codes:ASME, PED

Designed without compromise

Our waste heat recovery units can scale from 500kW to 20MW – for unprecedented design flexibility. 

*50% smaller than traditional heat exchangers and can vary depending on application

Suitable for high pressures and temperatures

Reduction in mass by up to 93%

Smaller physical footprint by up to 50%*

Ideal for carbon capture systems

Bespoke design for retrofit or new installations

Compatible with ammonia or hydrogen-based applications

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