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We are a privately owned British aerospace Company known for our pioneering work in air-breathing rocket engine technology, particularly SABRE.  Originally established with a focus on this innovative propulsion system, we have since expanded efforts to include hypersonic propulsion and defence applications and sustainable technology solutions for aerospace and other industries.

As an award-winning innovator, Reaction Engines is increasingly using its microtube technology and thermal management solutions to address the challenges of achieving zero carbon. Collaborating with industry leaders and government agencies, we are working on solutions for zero carbon aviation, including battery electric flight, fuel cell-powered aircraft, and researching next-generation hydrogen-fuelled jet engines.

With headquarters in Culham, Oxfordshire, UK, and a high temperature test facility in Denver, Colorado, US, we are actively pursuing commercialisation and have developed several unique products, including low drag radiators and compact charge air coolers.

How we work

We’re driven to create a better world, through heat management technologies that make emission-reducing, sustainable solutions possible across a wide range of industries. 

Innovating together

To innovate in partnership with our fellow engineering pioneers, in pursuit of the world’s net zero goals.

Inspiring talent

To inspire a new generation of talent with world-class capabilities, where curiosity is encouraged and differences are celebrated.

Empowering customers

To give our customers the power to create sustainable solutions they had never believed possible.

How it started

We leverage what we have learnt from over 30 years of space technology development and apply it across multiple industries, delivering efficient and sustainable solutions to heat management challenges.

Our unique microtube heat exchanger technology derived from SABRE, delivers a step change in performance, weight and efficiency.

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Green aviation


We have set ourselves the goal of using our technologies to make as positive an environmental impact as possible. We are investing in their development and bringing them to the market.


We work with the world’s most innovative market leaders to make beyond possible. Together.


We work with the world’s most innovative market leaders to make beyond possible. Together.

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