Condensers. Maximum heat rejection at minimum mass

Our microtube, straight-rack condenser/evaporator units are ideal for thermal lift systems where mass is critical, including batteries, electronics and power cells.

Fast heat transfer for batteries, power electronics and cabin cooling

An advanced cooling solution for electronics

Our microtube condensers come in straight rack or cylindrical forms for design flexibility. They provide maximum heat rejection at minimum mass.


Mass: 2.7 kg
Heat Rejection Rate:23.3 kW
Power Rating:8.4 kW/kg
Cooling Air Pressure Drop:5.4 mbar

Small-diameter tubes deliver high heat transfer in a small space.

No internal cavities – so nowhere for condensate to pool.

Small units for maximum design flexibility.

Designed to meet your engineering needs

Unprecedented flexibility for engineers in need of heat management solutions for electric and electronic applications.

Compact & lightweight

Low pressure drop

Uniform flow distribution

Condensate pooling minimised

High thermal effectiveness

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