Innovating for defence,
space and security

Revolutionising the future of hypersonics

Reaction Engines’ novel propulsion technologies have the potential to unlock Hypersonic flight for both UK and U.S. government customers and support later evolution towards space access. 

Meeting the UK’s strategic defence needs

Our pioneering thermal management and propulsion system concepts are of critical importance for the security of the nation. Through the HVX programme, Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce are working in collaboration with the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), the UK Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF) to establish the UK as a leader in reusable hypersonic air systems.

Next generation cooling systems for defence platforms

Through our pioneering thermal management solutions for defence platforms, Reaction Engines enable a more sustainable fleet, enhance mission systems performance with higher thermal loads and improve operational capabilities for hotter environments. 

Defending U.S. national security​

We’ve dedicated thousands of hours developing, designing, and testing thermal management technologies and systems at our U.S. test facilities – to aid in defense efforts of our strategic allies. Our revolutionary technologies will enable novel solutions for the next generation of defense vehicles. All in the name of national security.

High-speed air-breathing propulsion


Key to achieving spaceplane benefits is the addition of our innovative high-speed, air-breathing propulsion technology.


Compared to traditional all-rocket approaches, the addition of air-breathing eliminates the weight and volume of oxidizer during take off and atmospheric acceleration

Size benefits

This triggers a cascade of system architecture and sizing benefits that make horizontal spaceplane designs achievable


SABRE is maturing the technology needed to make this exciting high-speed, air-breathing future a reality

Space access from a runway​

Our technology enables future spaceplane vehicle architectures featuring aircraft-like horizontal take-off and landing. Reducing cost, infrastructure, and mission timelines – while dramatically increasing flight rates, responsiveness, and reliability.

Case study

Nammo Westcott

In regular use for over a year at the UK National Space Propulsion Test Facility, our cooling technology brings rocket exhaust gas temperatures down from over 2,000°C to less than 50°C. 

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