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We deliver ground-breaking thermal management technologies for a better future. Ready to make a step-change in performance, efficiency and sustainability in your industry? 


Taking the heat out of aviation

From lightweight intercoolers to compact radiators – our pioneering thermal management solutions are revolutionising hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen powered gas turbines to make zero carbon flight possible. 

Defence & Space

Innovating for defence, space and security

Reaction Engines’ novel propulsion technologies have the potential to unlock Hypersonic flight for both UK and U.S. government customers and support later evolution towards space access. 


Ground-breaking motorsport cooling solutions

Offering lighter, smaller and more aerodynamic cooling solutions, our award-winning thermal management technologies deliver a step change in the motorsport industry.


Making heavy industry cooler and cleaner

Driving decarbonisation and dramatically improving waste heat recovery, enabling carbon capture – one step on the path to net zero. 

Core products

Our revolutionary microtube technology is smaller, lighter, mightier. Boosting performance and efficiency across a range of applications. See our product range

Microtube intercooler and radiator

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Discuss with us the path towards a cooler, cleaner world, and how we can leverage our expertise in thermal management for your industry.