Technicians Make it Happen – Baldeep

October 17, 2018
Technicians Make it Happen – Baldeep

The Technicians Make it Happen campaign have interviewed a whole range of technicians working across science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) about what they do. They soon discovered that the technicians individual stories were every bit as diverse and fascinating as their work.

So take a look – maybe you’ll find some ideas to consider for your own career path. For more info click here.

They interviewed Baldeep, read his story below:

Halfway through his A-levels, Baldeep realised he wanted something different. “I was studying Maths, Physics and Business Studies which felt like just reading from a book and trying to learn something. That didn’t work for me – I wanted to do something more hands on.”

Starting a technician apprenticeship with Reaction Engines seemed like the best way forward.

At its base in Oxfordshire, Reaction Engines is developing the future of high speed flight, a hypersonic air-breathing engine called SABRE™. This new class of engine will bring together rocket and jet aircraft technology to help bring about the next generation of air and space travel vehicles.

As a technician, Baldeep was working right at the forefront of the technology. “A technician’s role isn’t just to do one specific task – it’s to look at an engineering design and look at implementing it, maybe manufacturing things, inspection and assembling things, and then if something doesn’t work, looking at what the root cause is.”

The skills he learned as a technician have helped him succeed in his new job as a Design Engineer. “I’ve always been interested in art and design, so I’ve always seen myself going into design.”

But he’d definitely recommend beginning your career as a technician. And if you’re struggling to know if you’d be right for the job, he’s got tips. “If you can think ‘it’s not the end of the world if I break something because I’ll find a way of putting it back together’ then that is a really good start!”

Baldeep – Career Pathway


  • Completed GCSEs, began studying for A levels in Maths, Physics and Business Studies

Sept 2010

  • Stopped his A-level courses to start a Level 3 Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship (4-year advanced engineering apprenticeship)


  • Became a Junior Design Engineer whilst studying for a HNC and HND in Mechanical Engineering at Newbury College


  • Began a part-time BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Design at Birmingham City University


  • Finished his degree and became a full-time Design Engineer