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Our Commitment to the Environmental Challenge.

Our well-being and that of our planet depends on how effectively we tackle the climate crisis. Humankind urgently needs to achieve net zero for all greenhouse gas emissions and to significantly reduce its other waste streams.

As a company, we are passionate about using our transformative technology to drive environmental improvements in existing systems and to enable new net zero products.

We are assessing and rapidly improving the footprint of our operations as we grow our business to deliver its innovative, sustainable technologies.

We can make a big difference as a community, by actively sharing ideas and developing initiatives that enable us to achieve more. Despite the scale of the challenge, we will make a difference through our products, our operations and our actions.

Download our signed Environment Charter to read more about our commitment to sustainability.

How we are making a difference.

We have set ourselves the goal of using our technologies to make as positive an environmental impact as possible. We are investing in their development and bringing them to market. 

We are also working on employee initiatives and partnerships with other businesses to increase our impact. As well as the annual emissions data we have been collecting since 2019, we are now gathering data on employee commuting, home working and other waste sources, so we can establish our true footprint.

Pioneering technology
to accelerate net zero

Improving our

Employee and partner
initiatives underway

Pioneering sustainable technologies.



Achieving net zero in the energy sector requires the rapid deployment of renewables and low carbon technologies alongside the decarbonisation of existing energy intensive sources. Our technology improves the management and re-use of heat, substantially improving efficiency and helping to enable solutions like CCUS.


Through more effective use of waste heat within existing marine systems and the development of ammonia-fuelled powerplant, our technology has a key role to play in reducing the environmental impact of shipping.


Our highly efficient and reusable space access engine, SABRE, which is fuelled by hydrogen can provide more sustainable space access for applications such as climate monitoring and space-based solar power.


Our high-speed flight technology ensures security and is capable of future running with sustainable fuels including hydrogen.


Compact and lightweight, our heat exchangers and battery foils can boost environmental performance in hybrid vehicles, EVs and combustion engines, on the racetrack or the road.

Fuelling the future.

Our heat exchanger technology can be used with any working fluid. However we have products specifically designed to support hydrogen, ammonia, sustainable aviation fuels and the electrification of systems, which we recognise as key enablers for a net zero future.


For many years, we have understood the opportunities and challenges posed by hydrogen. We are passionate about using our experience in areas where hydrogen is a sustainable solution.

A close up of an ammonia molecule


With global availability, existing transmission infrastructure and compatibility with current engine systems, ammonia offers an important, near-term solution. We are excited to be partnering in the delivery of ammonia-fuelled technologies.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

We are excited to promote the use of our heat exchanger technology to enable truly sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs). By improving engine efficiency and reducing fuel burn, our products deliver lower emissions and costs, thereby helping with the transition to SAFs.


We can provide active or passive solutions that are highly effective and lightweight, ideal for the specific thermal management challenges associated with battery packs and electric architectures.