STEM Adventures

Engineering and STEM activities for young minds.

Hello, we are Reaction Engines.

We make really cool technology to make life better on earth and in space.

We really love engineering, and this passion gives us the energy to work hard and have fun doing it every day. And we want to show you why we love it so much and why we chose to work in STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

That’s why we made a pack full of fun engineering and STEM activities!

It contains science we use every day at work, like aerodynamics and critical thinking, and we hope it will inspire you and more young people to get involved in STEM and help make the world a better place! 

Download Our STEM Adventures Pack.

Download the adventure pack, which includes STEM themed activities: 

  • Binary Blast! A Computer Coding Challenge
  • Chemical Rockets Experiment
  • Newton’s 3rd Law Experiment
  • Shape Your Imagination with Tangrams
  • Open the Lock Puzzle