Game-changing cooling performance for propulsion systems.

Light and compact radiators that reject large amounts of heat with minimal overall drag.

Our radiators are particularly suitable for rejecting high amounts of heat with minimal cooling air pressure drop, making them ideal for ram-air cooling applications in motorsport and zero emission aerospace.

Ultra-light and compact - offers new design opportunities.

Unique microtube technology – highly effective for a variety of powertrains.

Ideal for heat rejection – and beyond.

Our radiators can extract maximum heat rejection with minimal overall drag. Due to their small size and unique shape, our radiators can be positioned in optimum locations, making them ideal for motorsport and zero-emission aerospace applications. 


Mass:2,120 g
Wet Mass:2,950 g
Core Volume:Ø235 x 280 mm
Heat Rejection Rate:79.5 kW
Cooling Air Pressure Drop:2.7 mbar
Cooling Air Mass Flow Rate:1.0 kg/s

Designed without compromise.

Compact and lightweight.

Reduction of frontal area – low drag.

Multiple fluids cooled in common core.

Enables zero emissions powertrains.

Drum style architecture protects from debris ingestion.

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Our intercoolers bring unprecedented design flexibility to many applications, including automotive (ICE or fuel cell) and aerospace projects. So for cooling that can improve performance, efficiency and sustainability, talk to us today.