HXLIFE Foils. Taking the heat out of EV batteries

HXLIFE™ (Heat eXchange Lightweight Isothermal Flexible Extraction) Foils enable faster charge and discharge rates for electrical vehicle batteries. Not to mention significantly increased range and time between charges, and cost saving through efficiency and extended life.

Isothermal heat management technology for EV batteries

Designed with EV batteries in mind

Our Foils are designed to be compatible with all three cell formats – pouch, prismatic and cylindrical – making them easy to retrofit into existing EV batteries.


Density1,867 kg/m3
Thickness1.65 mm
Isothermal (across contact area)+/- 1°C
Measured Effective Thermal Conductivity>660 w/m·K
Specific heat800 J/kg/K

With conventional solutions, the characteristic gradient of conductive heat transmission causes thermal stress.

HXLIFE Foils remove hotspots through direct energy exchange between unconnected areas.

Isothermal conditions are achieved across the surface of each cell, allowing uniform thermal management.

Safer. Simpler. More reliable

Independent tests show that HXLIFE Foils can extract up to 50% more heat from EV batteries than traditional active systems. And they outperform more traditional battery thermal management systems in fire insulation testing.

10x Reduction in cell temperature variation

Increases performance and minimises cycle times


Recyclable – non toxic material

High reliability, low complexity

Flexible /conformable construction

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