Boost performance and efficiency in the toughest of terrains

Revolutionary thermal management solutions

We can apply our technology to practically any heat management challenge – from next generation EV and FCEV powertrains to zero-carbon internal combustion engines.

Using next-generation heat exchangers based on microtube and micro-channel technology, we can help you maximise your machine’s performance and efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Extract the highest efficiency and performance from new powertrain designs.
  • Enable novel solutions to decarbonise larger, more
    powerful, and more complex machines.
  • Leverage the opportunity to redesign cooling system to a higher standard – creating margin for future development & performance enhancements.

Key Results

  • Longer, more intensive duty cycles – comparable or better than the diesel benchmark.
  • Fewer operational constraints & trade-offs.
  • Powertrains protected when working in the most arduous conditions (high ambient temps, poor air flow).
Intercooler and radiator

Key Applications

Powertrain & primary systems cooling
Our high-performance radiators and condensers provide maximum heat rejection with minimal cold air-flow pressure-drop.

Fuel cell charge air cooling
Highly efficient intercoolers, capable of >99% effectiveness from a compact spiral unit.

Auxiliary systems cooling
A range of solutions for oil and water-glycol cooling in heavy duty applications.

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