Revolutionary heat management technology for EV batteries.

Taking the heat out of EV batteries.

HXLIFE™ (Heat eXchange Lightweight Isothermal Flexible Extraction) Foils are a truly unique thermal management system for EV batteries – taking Reaction Engines’ rocket heat exchanger technology and adapting it for the EV sector. Thin, lightweight and flexible, they work by pulling heat away from the battery through a vapour chamber in the centre layer.

Designed to deliver greater safety
and performance.

As well as enabling faster charge times and longer vehicle range, HXLIFE Foils offer significant safety benefits when compared to more traditional battery thermal management systems. While these systems are mostly active, using a heat pump which can fail during a fire – HXLIFE Foils vapour chamber technology is passive and therefore more reliable in extreme temperatures.

By installing HXLIFE Foils in your EV batteries, you get a safer, simpler system – and improved benefits for vehicle producers and end users.

Safer. Simpler. More reliable.

Our patented HXLIFE Foils have demonstrated that they outperform more traditional battery thermal management systems in fire insulation testing.

Our testing shows that the Foils are proven to bring cell temperature down after a fire starts – and they double the time it takes for the fire to spread to other cells. By isolating individual cells that have failed or caught fire, HXLIFE Foils stop the heat escaping into other cells – preventing the entire battery from immediately catching fire.

HXLIFE Foils are a simple yet robust thermal management solution which boost performance and efficiency of electric vehicles. Key benefits include:

10x Reduction in cell temperature variation​

Increases performance and minimises cycle times​


Recyclable - non toxic material​

High reliability,
low complexity

Flexible /conformable construction​

Faster charging.
Longer range.

HXLIFE Foils also address the key concerns of consumers and the main barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles, by enabling faster charge and discharge rates, significantly increased range and time between charges, and offer overall cost saving benefits through efficiency
and extended life.

They do this by achieving isothermal performance across the entire surface of the foils.

With conventional solutions, the characteristic gradient of conductive heat transmission causes thermal stress.

HXLIFE Foils remove hotspots through direct energy exchange between unconnected areas.

Isothermal conditions are achieved across the surface of each cell, allowing uniform thermal management.

This technology was developed in part under the UK Advanced Propulsion Centre’s Technology Development Acceleration Programme, and has been externally validated by Imperial College London as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge.

Making beyond possible in EV batteries.

Technical specifications.

Density:1,867 kg/m3
Thickness:1.65 mm
Isothermal (across contact area):+/- 1°C
Measured Effective Thermal Conductivity:>660 w/m·K
Specific heat:800 J/kg/K

* All characteristics and values in the table are indicative of the current design and are subject to change depending on internal design and material choices which can be adapted depending on the application and requirements.

Technical benefits.

10x Reduction in cell temperature variation

Cell Temperature
Uniformity +/- 1 degree Celcius

Up to Continuous
4°C Charge Rate

Increase performance & minimise cycle times or de-rates

Up to 85%* mass reduction of intracell cooling system

*Compared to Aluminium Cold Plate Systems

<1.5mm thin

~9% of Cell Mass compared to typical LG66A pouch cell

High reliability low complexity

Minimise thermal system complexity & reliability issues

Highly Recyclable

No toxic or rare materials

50% more effective in independent tests.

Independent tests show that HXLIFE Foils can extract up to 50% more heat from EV batteries than traditional active systems. Our Foils are designed so that they are compatible with all 3 cell formats: pouch, prismatic, cylindrical – making them easy to retrofit into existing batteries.

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