Revolutionary heat management technology for EV batteries.

Thermal management technology
to transform the EV market.

The future of vehicles is electric. However, significant barriers such as range anxiety, charging times and battery performance must be overcome first.

Better thermal management of batteries would offer more efficient driving, longer times between charges, faster charges and longer vehicle lifetime – addressing key concerns of consumers. That’s where HXLIFE (Heat eXchange Lightweight Isothermal Flexible Extraction) Foils come in.

Making beyond possible
in EV batteries.

HXLIFE Foils are ultra-lightweight, conformable thermal transfer foils that sit between battery cells within the pack and create isothermal performance that eliminate hot spots to provide a range of benefits.

Further. Faster. Longer.​

Our patented HXLIFE Foils address the key concerns of consumers and the main barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles. They enable faster charge and discharge rates, significantly increase range and time between charges and offer overall cost saving benefits through efficiency and extended life.

10x Reduction in cell temperature variation​

Increases performance and minimises cycle times​


Recyclable - non toxic material​

High reliability, low complexity​

Flexible /conformable construction​

Isothermal performance:
How it works.

HXLIFE Foils are compact thermal transfer foils for cooling prismatic and pouch cells and deliver dramatic improvements to the thermal management of batteries through their unique, patented design.

Isothermal performance is achieved across the entire surface of the foils, completely eliminating hot spots. This allows them to significantly outperform any other battery heat management solution currently available.

With conventional solutions, the characteristic gradient of conductive heat transmission causes thermal stress that reduces cell lifetime.

Our solution allows a temperature to be imposed through direct energy exchange between unconnected areas. Hotspots are removed.

HXLIFE Foils promotes isothermal conditions across the surface of each cell, allowing uniform thermal management, improving cell lifetime.

This technology has been externally validated by Imperial College London as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge and developed in part under the UK Advanced Propulsion Centre’s Technology Development Acceleration Programme.

Technical specifications.

Form Factor: Any cell size & form factor
Basic Weight: 2200 g/m2
Thickness: 1.25 mm
Tensile Strength (Operational): >125N/25 mm
Tear Strength (Operational): >26N (MD) >26N (CD)
Temperature Resistance: 85℃

Technical benefits.

10x Reduction in cell temperature variation

Cell Temperature
Uniformity +/- 1 degree Celcius

Up to Continuous
4°C Charge Rate

Increase performance & minimise cycle times or de-rates

Up to 85%* mass reduction of intracell cooling system

*Compared to Aluminium Cold Plate Systems

<1.5mm thin

~9% of Cell Mass compared to typical LG66A pouch cell

High reliability low complexity

Minimise thermal system complexity & reliability issues

Highly Recyclable

No toxic or rare materials

Validated results.​

When compared to the performance of aluminum and copper, HXLIFE Foils significantly outperforms both.
Specific heat transfer rate. Effective Conductivity: > 660 W/m.K
Temperature gradient across cell (plate size 300 x 200)
HXLIFE Foils can provide a benefit even as a passive system – shown here in a cylindrical 18650 application for convection cooling in the airstream

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