Transformative heat transfer technologies.

Reaction Engines’ heat exchanger technology takes innovations developed for space access, and applies them to solving commercial problems in the here and now.

Capture more energy.

Adapted from our ground-breaking Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine, SABRE technology, our heat transfer technologies can solve a wide range of challenges, from pre-cooling in carbon capture systems, heat rejection in hydrogen fuel cell applications, to extreme temperature thermal management – such as rocket exhausts.

Our compact, highly efficient systems can:

Reduce carbon footprint.

By capturing more heat, you can reuse more thermal energy from the same inputs and reduce your carbon usage.

Reduced operating costs.

The effectiveness (heat captured) of the system can be optimised to recover more heat for increased system efficiency.

Saves space.

Our heat exchanger geometries result in significantly more compact, lighter units.

Easy to integrate.

Our spiral geometry heat exchangers are easy to retrofit into existing systems.

Minimising waste heat is the way forward.

Almost all energy losses take the form of heat, but if that heat can be harnessed and re-purposed, system efficiency can be radically improved. Waste heat can be re-used on-site, exported to other sites or heat networks, and even converted to mechanical energy for generating electricity.

Because our heat exchangers are so compact, they can capture waste heat in spaces where it simply wasn’t feasible before. And they can capture more thermal energy than rival systems, boosting efficiency wherever heat needs to be transferred from one medium to another.

Partner with us to go beyond what’s currently possible in waste heat recovery.

Brunel University

Case study

Brunel University: pioneering a new approach.
See how we helped Brunel University harness the power of waste heat, for export to the electrical grid.

Innovation in the real world.

From improving motorsport lap times, to transforming EV performance and beyond, we are helping a range of industries realise their full potential.

Global EPC Company

Smaller,lighter heat exchangers.

Our units are approximately a third of the size and are substantially lighter than traditional heat exchangers. Our patented technology has demonstrated 90% mass reduction on some installations, boosting efficiency and reducing installation costs.

Project Fresson

Hydrogen fuel cell flight.

Project Fresson aims to accelerate the journey to zero-emission passenger aircraft with hydrogen fuel cells. Our fuel cell cooling technology is a vital part of the project.


Zero-emission vehicles.

For powertrain pioneers Viritech, our thermal management technology will help to enable the development of more efficient hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.


Rocket-powered cooling.

In regular use for over a year at the UK National Space Propulsion Test Facility, our technology cools rocket exhaust gases from over 2,000°C to less than 50°C.


Enabling carbon capture.

We are working with a major energy supplier on a pre-cooling system for carbon capture. Our system will cool exhaust gases from a ~90 MWe turbine to below 50°C.

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No one understands the management of thermal energy better than we do.

We develop customer-based solutions for your specific needs. Our hard-working, collaborative approach means you can expect out-of-this-world results at down-to-earth pricing.

Talk to us today – and let’s change the face of thermal management together.

Fuel Cell Intercoolers.

Our water-cooled intercoolers are compact and ultra-lightweight with over 99% air cooling effectiveness and low charge air pressure drop. They are highly scalable, allowing for design flexibility with various installation options including charge air cooling on internal combustion engines and fuel cell powertrains.



Compact and lightweight.

Increases power – faster lap times.

Low, stable plenum temperatures.

Very low pressure drop.

Modular design and common components.

High reliability and longer life.