Maximum heat rejection at minimum mass.

Our straight-rack microtube condensers come in a variety of form factors for design flexibility.

Our microtube, straight-rack condenser/evaporator units are ideal for thermal lift systems where mass is critical, including batteries, electronics and power cells. Small-diameter tubes maximise heat transfer coefficient at minimum mass. With no internal cavities for condensate pooling, wet mass is reduced and the amount of fluid inside remains constant.

High thermal effectiveness –
and beyond.

Our condensers can extract maximum heat load from a compressed air source while offering very low pressure drop. Due to their compact size and shape and light weight the units can be positioned in optimum locations.

They are ideal for thermal lift systems in electric aviation rotorcraft applications and provide maximum heat rejection at minimum mass.



Mass:  2.7 kg
Heat Rejection Rate: 23.3 kW
Power Rating: 8.4 kW/kg
Cooling Air Pressure Drop: 5.4 mbar

Designed without compromise.

Compact and lightweight.

Very low pressure drop.

Uniform flow distribution.

Condensate pooling minimised.

High thermal effectiveness.

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