Yashi Kuplish
Aerothermal Engineer

Having studied Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, Yashi joined us as a graduate engineer in 2017 – one of our first ever graduate intakes. Now she’s realising her childhood dream of working in space science, and helping us push the boundaries of spaceflight.

Heat exchanger design. Ensuring adequate cooling of high temperature exhaust passages. Conducting aerodynamic and thermodynamic design. Analysing engineering components to ensure they achieve the required performance. Creating computational models and analysing the results. Yashi’s far-reaching role covers many vital areas. She loves working for a company that’s disrupting the space and high-speed flight market. And we love having her with us. She’s proved to be a huge asset.

One major speciality that benefits our work considerably is using her coding knowledge to develop tools to automate component model creation. This allows the team to trial a broader range of concepts to greater accuracy – and provide faster answers. Yashi’s work also involves working with the project team to decide the best designs to present to customers.

As a developing engineer, she’s really thriving in the friendly, supportive, and creative atmosphere of the Applied Technologies division. Her problem-solving skills and how she combines her own ideas with the expertise of her colleagues, is contributing massively to our cutting-edge engineering cause.

Yashi Kuplish, Senior Aerothermal Engineer, smiling in photo