Joshua Grundy
Apprentice Mechanical Engineer

It was while working in telecommunications that Joshua realised his true passion was mechanical engineering. He began seeking a new career in the aerospace industry. This led him to us. Now he’s studying to acquire the skills and knowledge to make a difference in the ever-evolving world of space and hypersonic travel.

As a first-year mechanical apprentice he’s most interested in working in design or being a technician.

He joined Reaction Engines as he wanted to learn the mechanical engineering skills needed for a career in a forward-thinking and ambitious company working at the cutting edge of aerospace technology. After looking around at what aerospace apprenticeships were available during his search, the work we were doing really stood out to him.

He’s ambitious to have a genuine impact in the world and contribute to science and innovation. With the current technologies we’re developing and the breakthroughs we’re already achieving, he believes Reaction Engines is the perfect place for him to achieve his goals. He loves the feeling of being able to channel his interests and natural skillset into a career he loves so much. We look forward to the positive contribution we know he’ll make to the company.