Jacob Gale
Apprentice Electrical Engineer

Jacob’s mind has always been in the realm of space and physics, continually looking up at the stars and wondering what’s beyond. This sparked his desire to enter the engineering field to probe the depths of space and the boundaries of science. Now he’s learning how to do exactly that as a Reaction Engines apprentice.

Jacob is currently training at the OAS (Oxfordshire Advanced Skills) facility, and is looking forward to becoming part of our team that deals with all the electrical aspects of systems we use to simulate and test future operations. Now he’s learning the skills we need for the future. Receiving support across the board to push himself and successfully complete every task he’s set.

Jacob wants to contribute to us being an innovative world leader in our field. He believes keen apprentices are key to pushing Reaction Engines forward. And helping the human race towards becoming a spacefaring civilisation. By working on our electrical systems and testing future developments he hopes he can positively contribute to the challenges we face in the future of space flight and travel.

He’s determined to help provide a brighter future for us all.