Game-changing cooling performance for propulsion systems.

Extremely lightweight, ultra-high effectiveness
with super low losses.

Our water-cooled intercoolers set new standards for heat management in automotive (ICE and fuel cell), aerospace and many more applications. Built to deliver over 99% air cooling effectiveness and low charge air pressure drop across the unit, they can scale from 10kW to 150kW for unprecedented design flexibility.

Ultra-light and compact - offers new design opportunities.

Unique microtube technology – highly effective for a variety of powertrains.

Durable core matrix ­– built to maintain performance throughout the unit’s life.

From the road to the
sky – and beyond.

Our intercoolers can extract maximum heat load from a compressed air source while minimising air-side pressure drop. Due to their size and shape the units can be positioned in optimum locations, making new packaging solutions possible. In addition to their proven automotive performance, they are now being adapted for aerospace fuel cells and aiming for full certification. That means rigorous testing, plus manufacturing processes that are entirely robust and traceable.


Mass:1,600 g
Wet Mass:1,860 g
Core Volume:Ø165 x 120 mm
Heat Rejection Rate:85.2 kW
Charge Air Pressure Drop:30 mbar
Charge Air Mass Flow Rate:0.55 kg/s

Designed without compromise.

Compact and lightweight.

Increased power.

Low, stable temperatures.

Very low pressure drop.

Modular design.

High reliability and longer life.

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Our intercoolers bring unprecedented design flexibility to many applications, including automotive (ICE or fuel cell) and aerospace projects. So for cooling that can improve performance, efficiency and sustainability, talk to us today.