Pioneering space access and sustainable technologies to elevate life on Earth.

We're innovating in pursuit of the world's net zero goals. Transforming high-speed flight. And helping make the dream of everyday space flight come true. We are Reaction Engines. We make beyond possible.

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A giant leap towards a smaller world.

And beyond.

Faster. Further. More efficient. Reaction Engines’ advanced propulsion capabilities bring a step-change in technology. Making air travel more efficient, more sustainable, and the world more reachable.

Our facilities.

Reaction Engines Test Facility 2 is uniquely capable of providing high-temperature air at high mass flows for extended durations. Located at the Colorado Air and Space Port near Denver, CO, USA, TF2 is right next to the “Aerospace Alley” and is centrally located for providing national and global testing services. Recently the facility successfully validated the company’s innovative precooler technology in the airflow conditions of 1000°C (1800°F) that are expected during high-speed flights up to Mach 5.

From outer space
to your place.

We apply what we learn from our space technology to help diverse industries become more efficient and sustainable.