Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference 2023.

Enabling Hydrogen Powered Vehicles.

From exceptionally low-drag radiators to lightweight intercoolers, our pioneering thermal management solutions are revolutionising hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and H2 combustion applications to accelerate net zero.


Don’t Miss Our “Next-Gen Thermal Management – Enabling Hydrogen Powered Vehicles” talk by George Potter, Business Development Manager Applied Technologies. Session 3 (14:00 – 15:30) in the Imperial Room.

Making it Happen in Hydrogen.

Download the summary of our pioneering thermal management solutions that are revolutionising the use of hydrogen fuel cells and helping deliver net zero.

Project NEWBORN.

We have joined the Honeywell-led NEWBORN project that is developing megawatt-class hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems for aerospace.

Thermal Management for Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft (TheMa4HERA).

Project Fresson.

Reaction Engines is providing our heat management technologies, and experience in working with hydrogen, to help deliver the world’s first, truly green, hydrogen fuel cell powered, commercial passenger aircraft.

Viritech & Reaction Engines.

Viritech and Reaction Engines are pioneering the development of lighter, more efficient hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, making wider adoption of H2 FCEVs possible.

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