Revolutionising the future of hypersonics .

UK Strategic Defence Needs.

As the UK continues to position itself as a global leader against increasing international threats, strategic technology such as advanced high-Mach/hypersonic propulsion will be of critical importance for the security, resilience and defence of the nation.

A number of countries have made significant progress in hypersonic technologies, including the United States, Russia and China. The latter two are developing advanced cruise missiles that can be launched from aircraft, ground launchers and ships or submarines, along with hypersonic missile capabilities.

To stay strategically ahead of our adversaries, who are already pursuing this next-generation capability, it is crucial that the UK continue to invest in hypersonic capabilities to guarantee our national security and maintain our technological edge 

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HVX Programme.

Through the HVX programme, Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce are working in collaboration with the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), the UK Government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the National Security Strategic Investment Fund (NSSIF) to establish the UK as a leader in reusable hypersonic air systems.

HVX’s immediate objective is to rapidly mature technologies which can deliver a step-change reduction in the cost of developing a reusable, affordable hypersonic air vehicle. Reaction Engines’ innovative thermal management and SABRE combined-cycle engine technologies are key foundations for the programme.

In combination with Rolls- Royce’s world-beating gas turbine technology and ability to design and integrate complex systems and products, this brings a formidable capability to take on the challenging problems inherent with hypersonic flight.

With the ground test campaign well underway, the HVX Programme is providing a unique opportunity to raise the UK’s profile in developing skills and technology in this fast-evolving area.

Enabling Future Markets

Leveraging adjacent hypersonic technologies to other markets, such as responsive space launch and atmospheric flight.

As Space becomes a more contested domain, it is important that the UK and its allies can respond rapidly to real time events. A reusable advanced air-breathing launch system will make this possible.

Integrating a payload



With the New Space Economy booming, there is demand for reliable and sustainable launch vehicles, particularly to enable space-based solar power and in-orbit manufacturing. 

Hypersonic technologies are providing this opportunity to enable future markets, driving dual-use capabilities and growing UK economic prosperity, whilst bolstering UK resilience and improving the UK’s ability to prevent and respond to risks.

Policy Priorities.

Strategic Commitment

Provide strategic commitment to hypersonic programmes with invested long-term plans that have clear governance and leadership structures.


Unlock a regulatory environment which facilitates rapid testing and development of hypersonic technologies.


Leverage international frameworks for a more dynamic and agile approach to collaboration.

Rapid Innovation

Simplify the process for achieving regulatory readiness to make it less expensive and onerous for rapid innovation.

Commercial Scaling

Accelerate technology adoption through targeted mechanisms to allow for scale-up at a commercial level.