Our test facilities.

Purpose built to make
beyond possible.

Our unique development test facilities bring together the best of the best – combining brilliant minds with the tools they need to make beyond possible. The development of our facilities has played a critical role in opening up a faster and more affordable route to achieving operational high-speed vehicles, thermal management solutions for a range of industries, and more.

Test Facility 2 (TF2)
Colorado, US.

Reaction Engines Test Facility 2 is uniquely capable of providing high-temperature air at high mass flows for extended durations. Located at the Colorado Air and Space Port near Denver, CO, USA, TF2 is right next to the “Aerospace Alley” and is centrally located for providing national and global testing services. Recently the facility successfully validated the company’s innovative precooler technology in the airflow conditions of 1000°C (1800°F) that are expected during high-speed flights up to Mach 5.

Click here to read about our successful 2019 HTX Mach 5 Testing. Our test facility in Colorado is open for business to support your testing needs. With a flexible design, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and highly skilled personnel, TF2 is equipped to propel your test campaign to the next level.

Key Features.

  • Megawatt-class, high temperature, high mass flow for extended durations
  • Highly experienced team with aerospace test experience
  • Analysis support and test hardware design
  • Large, flexible test floor layout
  • State-of-the-art DAQ systems, expansion ready and reconfigurable
  • Various power supplies and utility interfaces
  • Safety equipped and OSHA compliant
  • 3500 sq. ft indoor test facility; 500 sq ft control room; 11,000 sq. ft outdoor capability

Please contact us at info@reactionengines.com to discuss further our technical capabilities.

Facility data sheet

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