Dubai Airshow 2023

Enabling zero-emission aviation


Thermal management for a cooler, cleaner world. And beyond.

From exceptionally low-drag radiators to lightweight intercoolers, our pioneering thermal management technology addresses the unique heat management challenges of all future net zero systems hybrid-electric, fully electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen gas turbine.

Reaction Engines can provide significant efficiency improvements to current propulsion and aircraft architectures.

Our heat management technology.



Project Fresson aims to accelerate the journey to zero-emissions passenger-carrying aircraft by developing a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and Reaction Engines has been selected to provide the fuel cell cooling technology.

Thermal Management for Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft (TheMa4HERA).

We are part of a consortium researching and developing components and architectures to overcome the thermal management challenges faced by next-generation narrow body and regional, hybrid-electric aircraft.

Reaction Engines joins ATI projects RACHEL and LH2GT.

With the help of Reaction Engines’ world-leading thermal management expertise, the projects aim to develop cutting-edge technologies that will enable the development of zero-carbon aircraft propulsion systems.

Reaction Engines joins Honeywell-led Project NEWBORN.

Using Reaction Engines’ heat exchanger technology, the consortium will develop an aerospace-qualified megawatt-class hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system which will be a critical enabler to reduce aircraft emissions.

Transformative technology to enable zero-carbon aviation.

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