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Revolutionary thermal management solutions.

We can apply our technology to practically any heat management challenge – from next generation EV and FCEV powertrains to internal combustion engines. 

Maximise your vehicle’s performance & efficiency.

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Our Low Drag Radiator.

Our lightweight radiators reject high amounts of heat with minimal cooling air pressure drop, making them ideal for ram-air cooling applications. 

Our Water-cooled Intercoolers

For compressed cathode air cooling in hydrogen fuel cell power trains and internal combustion engine charge air cooling, our compact intercoolers are lightweight and 99% effective. 

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Low Drag Radiators.

Our high performance, multifluid radiators are ideal for side pod installations on ICE and fuel cell powertrains. Significantly lower mass and volume than conventional radiators, they reject a large amount of heat with minimal overall drag.



Compact and lightweight.

Reduction of frontal area – low drag.

Multiple fluids cooled in common core.

Enables zero emissions powertrains.

Drum style architecture protects from debris ingestion.

Fuel Cell Intercoolers.

Our water-cooled intercoolers are compact and ultra-lightweight with over 99% air cooling effectiveness and low charge air pressure drop. They are highly scalable, allowing for design flexibility with various installation options including charge air cooling on internal combustion engines and fuel cell powertrains.



Compact and lightweight.

Increases power – faster lap times.

Low, stable plenum temperatures.

Very low pressure drop.

Modular design and common components.

High reliability and longer life.