Helping to make the journey to net zero.

Our technologies control heat. Boosting performance, whilst reducing emissions.

Our suite of thermal management technologies delivers a step change in the automotive industry. Helping drive decarbonisation. Our intercooler technology turbocharges motorsport and improves efficiency in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle applications. Our radiators offer low weight, low drag and high-speed cooling across all fuel types. Meanwhile our HXLife Foils cool EV batteries enabling faster charge times, longer vehicle range and significant safety benefits.

Extremely lightweight, ultra-high effectiveness with super low losses.

Our water-cooled intercoolers set new standards for heat management in automotive (ICE and fuel cell). Due to their size and shape the units can be positioned in optimum locations, making new packaging solutions possible.

Further, better, faster, longer.

Why thermal management could transform the EV market. Getting ahead of the competition depends on seeking out technological innovations that deliver a step change in EV performance, that translates into genuine customer benefit. 

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