Cooling rocket plume exhaust gases with Nammo Westcott

Nammo Westcott is a major supplier of chemical propulsion systems to key spacecraft manufacturers. Its rocket engines and thrusters serve commercial, defence and science markets. Nammo is involved in the development, production and test activities in rocket engines test services, chemical propulsion subsystems, monopropellant attitude control system thrusters and hypergolic bipropellant apogee engines.

The challenge

Nammo required […]

Waste heat energy recovery with Brunel University


Brunel University’s research focuses on areas in which it can integrate academic rigour with the needs of governments, industry and the not-for-profit sector, delivering creative solutions to global challenges and bringing economic, social and cultural benefit.

Brunel’s Research Institutes and Research Centres pioneer world-leading research inspired by an ambition to address society’s most pressing challenges.

The challenge

The […]