Taking the heat out of
e-Mobility Batteries.

Revolutionary heat management technology for e-Mobility batteries.

HXLIFE Foils: more effective thermal management for batteries.

HXLIFE™ (Heat eXchange Lightweight Isothermal Flexible Extraction) Foils are a truly unique thermal management system for e-Mobility batteries – taking our aerospace heat exchanger technology and adapting it for the e-Mobility sector.

Thin, lightweight and flexible, they are designed to deliver greater safety and performance. As well as enabling faster charge times and longer vehicle range, HXLIFE Foils offer significant safety benefits when compared to more traditional battery thermal management systems.

Further, better, faster, longer.

Why thermal management could transform the EV market. Getting ahead of the competition depends on seeking out technological innovations that deliver a step change in EV performance, that translates into genuine customer benefit. 

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