Making greener energy happen.

Capture more energy.

Our technologies can enable your energy production processes to become more sustainable and efficient with low installation costs and easy system maintenance.

In a competitive market, our cooling technology can help you reduce the carbon intensity and improve your process efficiency. Our heat exchangers offer high effectiveness recovering more heat with virtually no effect on the primary system.

The heat exchangers are considerably lighter and smaller, even when matching, or even bettering performance. This means: lower installations costs, easier system maintenance, and even the potential to retrofit heat recovery where it has not been feasible until now.

The compactness is achieved through patented design and without compromise in strength: The materials and joining techniques have great corrosion resistance, the materials have high temperature resistance, and the micro tube design inherently allows for high internal pressures. The high temperature and pressure capability makes our heat exchangers ideal for use in supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) Brayton cycle applications.

Key benefits.

Reduce carbon footprint.

By capturing more heat, you can
reuse more thermal energy from the same inputs and reduce your carbon usage.

Saves space.

Our heat exchange geometries result in significantly more compact, lighter units.

Reduced operating costs.

The effectiveness (heat captured) of the system can be maximised to recover more heat for increased system efficiency.

Easy to integrate.

Our spiral geometry heat exchangers are comparable size to existing ducting.

Brunel University

Case study

Waste heat energy recovery with Brunel University.
See how we helped Brunel University harness the power of waste heat, for export to the electrical grid.