Our technology.

A revolution in jet
engine performance.

Our unique technology. Current jet engine systems.
Together they create a new generation of high performance propulsion. Accelerate your high-speed flight capability.

Integrated thermal management.

The need for aircraft thermal management and performance optimisation goes beyond the propulsion system. Leveraging the technologies developed for SABRE, we’re making important steps towards overall vehicle energy management.

Jet speed testing.

The majority of engine development testing for our air-breathing propulsion systems can be done on the ground. Crucially, this means we can prove technology with short timelines and at a reduced cost compared to flight testing. A central part of our ability to accelerate the future.

Hypersonic Air Vehicle Experimental (HVX) Programme.

Building on the pioneering high-speed propulsion technologies and extensive research and development capabilities of the partners, the Hypersonic Air Vehicle Experimental (HVX) Programme will look to unlock innovative hypersonic technologies to enhance UK defence capabilities and aims to establish the UK as a leader in reusable hypersonic air systems.